The Main Characters of Unfair Mario

Just like in any other Mario games, Mario is the main character in Unfair Mario. He appeared as a jumpman in the game, which is depicted as a 2 dimensional sprite, but sometimes appeared as a 3 dimensional polygonal model. He lives in a place where there is a Mushroom unfair mario Kingdom together with Luigi his brother.

Marios brother who is much younger and taller and he wears green overalls. Just like Mario, Luigi is also a plumber whose character fluctuates from a diversion to an amusement. His appearance in this game is much the same as compared to other Mario games, the only difference is that he will not be showing up in the child form unlike in Super Mario World 2.

Princess Toadstool
This character has long, blonde hair, an hourglass figure, with sky blue eyes and tall edge. She normally wears pink dresses, with short puffy sleeves, a pannier style overskirt and has frilly trimmings. She wears high heels, with sapphire stud and pin and a gold crown embellished with rubies and sapphires.

There are other characters that will appear in the game as you continue with the next level. Just keep an eye on traps and other obstacles in order for you to complete all the levels of the game.

Like Killing Zombies – Play Earn To Die 5

If earn to die 2 you like slaughtering Zombies in large numbers, you need to play Earn to Die 5 at least once.

This game is all about Zombie killers and Zombie haters. Although there are tons of free Zombie games on the net that you can play anytime, but this game is different as it offers you so many ways to kill these suckers in great numbers.

This game can give you hours to satisfying gory fun. Although the plot of the game is very simple but the challenges are very hard and require a lot of patience and skills. If you do not have the patience to kill your enemies (zombies) one-by-one, you need to stay away from the game Earn to Die 5. This is because you won’t be able to get a dirty bomb to kill all of them at one time and easily make your way to the evacuation point. Instead, you will be provided with limited resources (an old vehicle, limited fuel, no arms, and ammunition) to kill the zombies, break the boxes and reach your destination point (a military airbase in Oregon).

The only way you will be able to reach the evacuation point is by means of upgrading your vehicle and making it more powerful to kill Zombies and break the boxes and run faster by putting new tires and engine.

The Person Under the stairs

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